TL;DR: We are doing an AI and X-risk unconference in Georgia (the country) and the applications are open for the residency. 

ZuVillage Georgia is a pop-up village for truth seekers, builders, and sovereign individuals guided by cypherpunk and d/acc philosophies. ZuVillage Georgia is an iteration of the original Zuzalu in Montenegro 2023, where we also explored the intersection of AI and X-risks.  Located in the beautiful Georgian mountains, we will build our own cypherpunk mountain village this summer. This pop-up mountain-village will be hosted from July 24th to Aug 28th. 

This time, in the AI and X-risk track at ZuVillage, we are exploring the following topics:

  • How technology can help mitigate risks (X-risks, GCRs)?
  • Safe AI development and jurisdictions for safe and aligned AI progress. 
  • D/acc philosophy and how it can help humanity flourish and thrive in the longterm.
  • see more here

The programming related to AI and X-risks will be held during the week of July 31st to Aug 4th. We encourage people who are applying to stay for longer and participate in the entire program. 

Applications are now open - please apply through the website.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on TG @yeshdoteth.

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