EA Ventures (eaventures.orgis compiling a list of ideas that they should consider funding. Add your own to this Google doc.

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This is a nice document that has produced a lot of interesting discussion in the GDoc comments. I'm struck by how a handful of the ideas were already done or being done, suggesting that .impact isn't succeeding in its aim to be a venue for communicating and coordinating EA projects. I'd be interested to hear ideas for how to better do that, as I think communication and coordination is somewhat lacking.

I don't generally have the impression that when people have a new EA idea, they check if .impact has done or is doing it. I've seen many examples of duplication or near-duplication*.

Partly it's an advertising issue, partly I think that when .impact is marketed it's more 'If you want projects to work on, come to this' as opposed to 'if you have an idea for a project, talk to us'.

*To take the one that has come up most, I think at least 4 people from different groups have independently talked to me about a REG-for-finance-people concept.

That's a great point Tom. Is .impact widely advertised?

No, I think it's fairly poorly advertised. I plan to post about it here on the forum at some point (though it'd be great if someone beat me to it!) This poll suggested knowledge was middling: https://www.facebook.com/groups/effective.altruists/permalink/832289520160740/?qa_ref=qd

I've put this on the agenda to discuss in tomorrow's meeting, including asking if anyone would be up for writing that post.

Hi all,

I'm currently participating in the MIINT Impact Investing programme (www.themiint.org) at the Said Business School in Oxford, and trying to find opportunities to invest in high-impact/low-medium-return projects or companies. They need to be at a fairly early stage in their development and looking to raise $250k to $750k in the next round. We're cause agnostic and considering any opportunities to improve welfare for anything sentient.

If it exists, can you please point me in the direction of something like the above list, but for existing companies? I've not been able to find any info on EAventures; did it not get off the ground?

Thanks very much in advance! Huw