I'm pretty late to the Worm Wars and have been enticed to donate towards deworming, as it the cheapest intervention among all the GiveWell charities. However, I'm still hesitant to donate given that their blog post states that it is more likely for it to not have an effect.

Does anyone know if there's been updated evidence of deworming? Or how I should decide between donating to deworming vs. other GiveWell charities (e.g. Malaria Consortium's SMC program or HKI's VAS program)?

I monetize my hobbies, but most of it is beer money or spare change every month (< $5-10). Perhaps those should go towards deworming while donations from my day job go towards malaria?

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I wrote this a while ago, it wasn't intended as an update on Deworming but the claims I made about the evidence for Deworming in it were up-to-date at the time of writing.