This month we are excited to announce the Sentience Institute Podcast, where we interview a range of experts on topics related to our work. We are launching with three episodes featuring effective animal advocacy (EAA) leaders on the strategies of their nonprofit organizations: Kevin Schneider of the Nonhuman Rights Project, Pei Su of ACTAsia, and Ria Rehberg of Veganuary.

In the future, we expect to interview social scientists and other academics, business leaders, and other experts. We are excited to receive feedback from our audience (including the effective altruism, animal advocacy, and academic communities) on what content would be most useful. We consider the early days of this podcast to be very much a process of learning, iteration, and refinement. Thank you for your interest and participation.

You can subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast service (e.g. Google, iTunes, Spotify). Feel free to email us your comments and questions.




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