Epistemic vibes: considerable anecdotal evidence.

I am writing this post because when I first posted to this forum it felt cringy. Which is normal, because it takes a while to learn the group norms. But no one told me that, and I thought I was unwelcome and refrained from interacting with the forum.

The comments below the linked Facebook post showed that this might be a universal experience. But not hearing opinions from newbies is bad because they can bring a lot of interesting and new perspectives from outside.

So read the guidelines, but other than that, feel free to post. Your tenth post will be better than the first.

From Dank EA Memes by Trevor Fordsman Weston




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Literally true for me, down to the physical motion of cringing (maybe more like a grimace lol), a minute ago when I stared into the abyss

Thanks to the 13 people who gave it a like to spare me some trauma at the time, though; in all seriousness, if it had gotten 3 karma instead of 20 I don't think I would have tried again

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