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The University Group Accelerator Program (UGAP) is a program run by the Centre For Effective Altruism that aims to take a university group from a couple of interested organizers to a mid-sized new EA group. It offers stipends for main organizers, regular meetings with an experienced mentor, trainings, and useful resources to run your first intro seminar (or fellowship) program. 

Applications for next semester are open!

There will be two rounds of UGAP this semester.

  • Round 1: Southern Hemisphere Groups/Groups with early start dates.
    • Apply by 11:59pm ET, June 19th
    • The program will start in early July
  • Round 2: Northern Hemisphere Groups/Groups with later start dates.
    • Apply by 11:59pm ET, July 25th.
    • The program will start in early August.

Further information can be found on this page which includes information on:

  • How to prepare to be ready to participate in UGAP
  • Stipends
  • Qualifications
  • And more!

We are also looking for additional experienced organizers to serve as mentors. You can find out more about and express interest in becoming a UGAP mentor here.

30 groups have participated last semester across 5 continents and we are eager to expand this Summer! 

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Great idea! 

On the UGAP website, there's no mention that the program is online or physical. I recommend clarifying it :)

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