Redwood Research does applied AI alignment research. We’re led by Nate Thomas (CEO), Buck Shlegeris (CTO), and Bill Zito (COO), and our board is Holden Karnofsky, Paul Christiano, and Nate Thomas. To learn more about our current project, you can read a project update from September or Paul’s “Why I’m excited about Redwood Research’s current project.”

In addition to our primary work of applied AI alignment research, Redwood hosts and operates Constellation, a shared office space we created to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration between longtermist organizations. People from the following organizations often work from the space: Alignment Research Center, MIRI, and Open Philanthropy.

We’re hiring for several roles, listed below in order of which roles we’re excited to get more applications for right now (subject to change within a month):

If you have any questions, feel free to email Bill ( about generalist/ops roles or Buck ( about technical roles.

Below is a picture taken from the office -- we have beautiful views in all directions!



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