A bit of EA propaganda for the middle managers who make up most of my LinkedIn connections. 

I tried to hit effective giving:

Imagine if the King raised just $2B for charities. What would $2B mean for the world? If Charles gave the cash to an organization like GiveWell, $2B could mean 444,444 lives saved (GiveWell currently estimates that $4,500 saves a life).

And Longtermism:

.. The King should lean into his environmentalism, devoting his reign to causes that improve our prospects for long-term existence. 

With a middle manager crowd pleaser:

Furthermore, if Charles really wanted to be King of our data-obsessed age, he could publish KPIs around for his monarchy.

This is part of a long journey to get my LinkedIn following to think about how they spend their lives. I'm happy to report a few folks have reached out saying that these posts change their giving strategy, but I'm always looking for ways to optimize my approach.