My company provides me with 3 annual days off for volunteering. Is there anything I can do in these 3 days that leverages my main skill (software engineering)? If not I will volunteer elsewhere, but I suspect the most effective use of my time would still be to leverage my current skills. I am happy to hear your ideas.




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Animal Advocacy Careers' "skilled volunteering" board has a few things that might be relevant in the "other technical" section.


What cause area are you most interested in?
Would you spend only those 3 days, or would you be interested in using those days to familiarize yourself with a project and be open to contributing more in the future?

You might be interested in https://www.impactcolabs.com/ , https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lSNKEP8RKgcQFROfpJFyN6VOuLxeQvybk_gqrDq8Tk0/edit#slide=id.g151144507d3_0_86 (AI Alignment, looking for 3 hours per week), and https://ea-internships.pory.app/board 

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If it's just three days - and it's not like you'd want to work for a project outside of those hours - I'd suggest booking calls with as many EA's as possible who want advice getting started with software engineering.

In general, you can become aware of these projects by joining the relevant Facebook and Discord groups. Please DM me for links.