I've been living in Guatemala since 2006 and started a program for women and children "of scant resources" some 10 years ago.  I'd be interested in conversing with others who are starting something up, working a recent startup, yet to become NGO's....and the like; sharing problems and successes, and asking and answering pertinent questions.    The program is funded by individual donors (1 per family) and by my efforts to sell clothing made from recycled traditional woven Guatemalan cloth as well as paintings by the youth of the project.

Anybody else in the same boat?  or similar?

I'm particularly interested in ways to move people from a survival mindset to one more forward-looking, altruistic or at least cooperative,  how to make inroads on issues of recycling, avoiding junk food, taking interest in your cultural past. regenerative cultivation.   I work with 35 Mayan families near Lake Atitlan.

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This is not a helpful comment: But I wish I had known there were EAs in Guatemala when I was there 2 years ago - thanks for the work you do!

From what you wrote, your work seems really valuable and important.

Would it make sense for you to share any stories or wisdom from your experiences, that can make others learn lessons from you or become excited or interested in your work?