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My vegan nutrition project has focused on supplements, but there have been several requests for resources on how to eat better. I'm not well equipped to answer this- I'm not vegan, and my stomach only got even passably good at digestion a year ago. So I'd like to crowdsource this question: what resources have you found useful in eating well while eliminating or reducing animal products

My existing list focuses on overviews and onboarding guides, but I think things like recipe books would also be useful. 

Have people found these helpful? Are there other things that are better, or fill in a gap? How did you learn to cook well?

Diet and supplements overlap but there is already a supplements post and I don't want to split the information, so please lean food-based here. 




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I think this website is a good source of evidence based vegan diet information, and it has some recipes too: https://www.scepticaldoctor.com/

I've always found it easy to substitute foods not replace. I tried originally going vegan by giving up all cheese but that was a huge dietary change that was not sustainable for me. I would definitely say it is now possible to keep one's current diet while replacing the animal products. Vegan meat, milk and cheese have come huge ways. I make this cheese all the time now, I like simple, unpretentious vegan food.


For supplements, I take Vitamin B12, Iron, and Omega 3. Many people are deficient in these, vegan or not. Things get a lot easier, and after I modified my existing meals it was a really easy change for me. Also I am probably healthier now without all the fat from cheese :P

I love vegan health org! It's my favourite one and use it for most things! There are some resources on here (with more coming soon).  This vegan power smoothie is good too! 🍹

Im recently trying these out. I found the relevant bits (see timestamps in the video description) of this podcast quite convincing. There's another related one on gut health. It's very critical of processed foods, which sounded right but I found it a bit thin on details. 


Here's the link!

I'm not sure how reputable it is, but I picked up a used copy of Becoming Vegan Comprehensive Edition and have consulted it from time-to-time for vegan nutrition.

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