An easy way for charities to increase revenue: Add Apple Pay and Google Pay to donation checkout

by nonzerosum 2y18th Mar 20184 comments


"Additionally, “tens of thousands” of Shopify’s merchants now offer Apple Pay for checkout. Web stores supporting Apple Pay have experienced an increase of up to 200% in their checkout conversion rate on mobile."

This absolutely matches my experience. I've donated to a few of the Google donation drives around national disasters, in large part because it is *so* easy to donate - I click to enter my amount, and then my payment information is *already* loaded, I don't need to sign up or enter any information other than my $ amount (and sometimes the CVV verification code).

Apple Pay requires no sign in or entering payment information for people on Apple mobile devices (and I think also with Safari).

Google Pay requires no sign in or entering payment information for people using Google Chrome, or Android devices.

I'm writing this because I believe that if charities add Apple Pay and Google Pay they will increase their conversion rates and thus revenue, and if me writing this post encourages a few charities to look into the possibility of doing this, then that's great. I expect this will become more and more popular over time and eventually become standard or almost standard.

If you know a charity where you'd like to help them increase their conversion rates please encourage them to add pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Implementation info:

The demo below uses Stripe, it looks like they have something that can detect whether the browser supports Apple Pay or Google Pay and automatically use the right one.

See a demo of how the payment flow works: (If you're on a laptop using Chrome, open it again on Safari to see how it works for people using Safari - was seamless for both browsers for me)