EA transparency update: Sep 13 - Mar 14

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I have collated reports published by EA organizations from 13 September 2013 to 12 March 2014. I commend all of these organizations on their transparency and quote Holden Karnofsky:

I believe that nonprofits sometimes mimic for-profits in ways that don’t make sense given their missions... They keep information confidential rather than publishing it as a public good. And they exaggerate successes and downplay shortcomings, while being more honest would help the rest of the world learn and thus ultimately promote their mission (if not their organization).

This post begins with some highlights from the activities of EA organizations and concludes with a list of links to their reports.


Meta Effective Altruism

  • 80,000 Hours has pivoted toward performing case-studies on a smaller number of effective altruists
  • The Center for Applied Rationality has delivered workshops more frequently


  • Effective Fundraising has rebranded to the Greatest Good Foundation, and has stopped grant-writing in order to diversify its operations, including fundraising from high net-worth individuals
  • Giving What We Can has concluded that it is effectively generating donations
  • The Life You Can Save has has generated more funding since Peter Singer's TED talk

Charity Evaluation

  • Animal Charity Evaluators have rebranded and are evaluating the impact of leafleting, humane education and US animal organizations
  • Givewell is moving more money, cooperating with GoodVentures, and diversifying its research through GiveWell Labs

GCR Research

  • The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk has attained funding, launched, delivered some lectures and done some media
  • The Future of Humanity Institute has done significant media, hosted and attended conferences, liaised with government and started the Global Priorities Project with the Centre for Applied Altruism
  • The Global Catastrophic Risk Institute has published, presented and held an online lecture series
  • The Machine Intelligence Research Institute has published a lot of research and interviews, delivered presentations and held workshops



80,000 Hours

Center for Applied Rationality


Greatest Good Foundation

Giving What We Can

The Life You Can Save


Animal Charity Evaluators


Global Catastrophic Risk Research

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Future of Humanity Institute

Global Catastrophic Risks Institute

Machine Intelligence Research Institute


I have included all reviews, newsletters and global assessments that I could easily find online but I probably missed some. Please Please contact me to have them included.


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