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Is there some way to download forum posts as PDFs or in some other format that can be neatly converted to pdf? (I'd like to download a post of mine as a writing sample for an application). 




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Right click on the page while you're looking at the forum post, then "Print" > "Save as PDF"

Oh neat, thanks a lot!!

You might want to use this alternative frontend: https://forum.nunosempere.com . Also happy to produce an nicely formatted one if you tell me which one it is.

Oh cool, thanks!

To elaborate a bit on the offer in case other people search the forum for printing to pdfs, this happens to be a pet issue. See here: for a way to compile a document like this to a pdf like this one. I am very keen on the method. However, it requires people to be on Linux, which is a nontrivial difficulty. Hence the offer.
I really like this! 

For a one-off, you should be able to copy and paste into a Google Doc or Word document then export. The formatting might be a bit iffy but a small amount of manual fixing should sort that.

A more involved alternative, but perhaps more reliable, would be to run the Markdown version through pandoc.

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