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How to do EA Global well? How can one act during EA Global so as to make the most effective changes afterwards?

by Nathan Young1 min read16th Oct 20193 comments



What are poeple's top tips for doing EA global? What are common errors people make? No answer too small trivial or boring. Are there any ways people often misframe/misunderstand EA Globals such that they attend and get "a lot out of it" but that doesn't make them more effective in doing good.

Please tell me if I've made errors. My current plan is to largely try and meet people. I might attend a couple of talks each day that look really effective or really interest me but I struggle to stay focused for more than about 4 hours a day, so after that I guess I'll watch other talks on youtube (are they on youtube?).

What do you think?

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Most but not all talks are recorded and you can watch them later. "My current plan is to largely try and meet people" sounds like a good plan to me. The meetups can be an especially good venue for this.

This depends a bunch on your temperament, but I find general 'mingling' - going into a large room full of people and speaking to whoever I come across - really exhausting. I've gotten a lot out of looking through the people coming on the app beforehand, seeing who I'd particularly like to meet, and then setting up times/places to meet with them in advance. It makes the experience feel less rushed and more targeted to me.