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Pineapple Operations aims to streamline the operations talent search and save both employers’ and candidates’ time. We provide a public directory of people interested in operations work in the EA ecosystem.

Changes to our “operations” 

Our database now includes all operations talent

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our database to include all operations talent, with 100+ candidates listed so far! Our goal is for the database to be a central, easy-to-use and up-to-date database. Let us know in the comments or here how we could do that better! We are trying out a minimum viable product, so anyone can list themselves on the database (we remove spam).

We previously only listed PA/ExA talent.

List yourself | Search the database

We are not offering any other services as of now

Due to capacity constraints we are not offering any personalised services or candidate vetting at this time. We think they are likely to be valuable, but unfortunately cannot do them ourselves.

We think these services are potentially really valuable, especially for organisations with limited capacity and would experiment more in this space if we had capacity.

  • If you’re interested and have prior experience in recruiting and/or operations please reach out. We have several ideas we’d like to test (and several potential clients who would like them!).
  • Others experimenting on their own or through other projects with outsourcing operations recruiting should also get in touch to see if we can work together

Note: We will be posting two short guides on hiring / getting hired for PA/ExAs & operations staff, which we hope will help in the meantime.

New Team

Vaidehi Agarwalla and Alexandra Malikova run Pineapple Operations. We are grateful to Holly Morgan and previous team members for founding and working on earlier versions of the project.

How are we doing so far? What can we do better? 

If you’ve found a position or hired someone you found on our database, please let us know!

Since we are in the beta testing phase, we would also love to know how we can improve. You can contact us at info@pineappleoperations.org, share in the comments below or leave feedback anonymously via our feedback form.

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Congrats on the expansion! Are you considering renaming to a different fruit like Orange Operations now?

Never! Pineapples forever! :) 

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