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Wildness explores humanity’s relationship with nature through the lens of individual animals.

In each episode, host Maia Laperle explores fundamental concepts in wild animal welfare, and what we do and don’t know about life in the wild.

Episode 1: Who cares about wild animals?

Maia introduces the values and tenets of wild animal welfare while interviewing leaders in the wild animal welfare space.

Guests: Persis Eskander, Oscar Horta, Abraham Rowe

Episode 2: Addressing uncertainty

Maia considers the role uncertainty plays in wild animal welfare research, and how we handle it.

Guests: Joe Ballenger, Hollis Howe, Marianne van der Werf, Brian Tomasik

Episode 3: Who is nature for?

Maia asks hard questions about what we value in nature, who we’re preserving it for, and what that means for wild animals.

Guests: Rachel Bjork, Rob Smith, Mark Davis, Christopher Sebastian

Episode 4: A seat at the table

In the season finale, Maia explores the moral and political future of wild animal welfare.

Guests: Natalie Kofler, Jay Shooster




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I first listened to Wildness in February 2021. This podcast was my introduction to wild animal welfare, and it made me reconsider my relationship to environmentalism and animal welfare. I've always thought of myself as an environmentalist, but I never really considered what I valued in the environment. But after listening to this, my concern for "nature" became more concrete: I realized that the well-being of individual wild animals was important, and because there could be trillions of sentient wild animals, extremely so. I especially liked the third episode, which asks tough questions about who and what nature is "for."

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