For Future is a platform to discover and back ventures addressing humanity’s existential risks (e.g. climate change, AI safety, biohacking) by contributing your talent/money/time. Basically, we’re a crowdsourcing x crowdfunding platform.

We’re currently trying to see whether people are interested in what we’re building and if so, what we can do to improve. 


The problems we’re solving and our solution

These are the problems we’ve identified in this space and our respective solutions: 

  1. Existential risk ventures need to go on multiple platforms to find resources – various job boards, gig platforms, crowdfunding platforms, etc. This is time consuming and their postings can get lost amongst other companies. Our solution: A one-stop-shop platform for ventures to find the resources they need
  2. People (e.g. job hunters, investors) are interested in helping existential risk ventures but have no easy way to a) contribute and b) find ventures to contribute to. Our solution: A platform where you can find and help existential risk ventures with the resources they need.
  3. Existential risk ventures are often highly technical. Thus, it’s difficult for investors/contributors to understand and evaluate the company. Our solution: Easy-to-digest edutainment content to help investors/contributors understand and evaluate existential risk ventures.
  4. Existential risk ventures typically have highly uncertain ROI. Thus, investors are hesitant to invest, meaning, ventures have greater difficulty fundraising.  Our solutions: reward/equity crowdfunding and donations. These mechanisms make it easier for ventures to raise funds by allowing more people to invest. Investors can also contribute smaller amounts and spread the risk amongst more people.


Our progress so far

We’ve validated interest from 9 ventures (incl. Helios, SkyCool Systems, Paragon SDC) with concierge/Wizard of Oz tests.

Now, we’re looking to gauge people’s interest in contributing to these ventures. We’ve spoken to Techstars MDs and Directors at Amazon and they think the idea is valid. However, we need more validation from a wider audience.


What we’d like your help on 

  1. Check out our landing page and if you’re interested, sign up
  2. Let us know your feedback (post in the comments section below or email us at
  3. Share For Future with your network