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New foundation, funded by billionaire Jed McCaleb, led by David Coman-Hidy, Andrea Gunn, Seemay Chou, Randy O’Reilly

Quotes from their website https://www.navigation.org/: "


The Navigation Fund focuses on a few key areas where additional resources will provide outsized impact.

Safe AI

As the use cases of artificial intelligence expand, developing frameworks and systems to ensure that AI benefits humankind becomes crucial. We will explore opportunities to promote altruistic and beneficial outcomes from AI.

Farm Animal Welfare

Factory farming creates both tremendous suffering and significant environmental degradation. We support efforts to reduce animal suffering, reenvision our relationship with animals, and diminish the killing of animals.

Criminal Justice Reform

Reforming the U.S. criminal justice system can help create a more just, equitable, and safe society. We use a portfolio approach to bolster a wide range of initiatives to address the challenges and improve outcomes for people, families, and communities.

Open Science

The Open Science movement is crucial for expediting discoveries and guaranteeing public access to knowledge. We stand with those forging new tools, championing novel approaches, and altering traditional practices within scientific research and publishing to make information more accessible to everyone.

Climate Change

Climate change poses a significant threat to humanity, and requires new and bold thinking to help address it. We invest in high-leverage, under-resourced initiatives that have the potential for immediate and long-term favorable impact on climate outcomes.

Open roles https://www.navigation.org/careers#roles

Director of Operations

Grants and Operations Coordinator

Program Officer, Climate

Program Officer, Criminal Justice Reform

Program Officer, Open Science

Program Officer, Safe AI





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I only came across this now - why is this not promoted more widely as a possible source of funding in EA?

Agreed that this seems surprisingly under-discussed 

It seems like right now, the job positions are gone? Maybe it's a temporary thing.
Seems promising though!

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