EA is still a relatively small movement, and I think many people would be interested in helping if they knew more about the topic.
Think about artificial intelligence. If you choose a career to reduce the chance of unaligned AI, you might never actually work on a project touching alignment. Alternatively, you could stay at your job and invest the time saved by reaching out to influential people. The influential person can then act as a multiplier to your effort.

What are the current efforts in educating influential people about this movement?

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Organizations that aim to do that include Founders Pledge, Effective Giving, Raising For Effective Giving, Farmed Animal Funders. All of these organizations try to raise money for effective charities from wealthy individuals or advise wealthy individuals how to donate more effectively. There are probably more initiatives to inform influential people but you don't necessarily hear about them that much because often there is no need for these initiatives to be public.

Also 80k Hours, which is all about multiplying the impact of their effort by influencing the direction of other people's careers.

The Center for Security and Emerging Technology (funded by Open Philanthropy) seems like it’s pretty clearly focused on influencing people in power.