Hi, I have seen there is a demand for mental support in the Effective Altruism community.

First, I'm sad to see that.

Second, this is not surprising, knowing that altruists are a sensitive kind of people.

I happened to be a Psychology graduate.

If you or anyone else from Effective Altruism is struggling, please contact me (for free, of course). ♥

I'm not a clinical psychologist (I'm currently a social psychology MA student) but I started up my studies because I love people and want to help them. So at least I can listen (on Skype / Whatsapp).

I encourage people (with or without social sciences background) to offer their help too.

If you are willing to listen, please leave your Skype address in the comments below.

My Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/dHyq9PiFbEVt

Don't stay alone!

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Why for free?

Because people who need help the most often don't have the money?

There is probably a nontrivial number of people who do not seek support due to the presence of a fee, even if they can theoretically afford it (see trivial inconveniences). Unfortunately, I've seen this happen in practice.