Rakefet Cohen Ben-Arye

Social psychology Ph.D. candidate @ Bar-Ilan University
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A Social-Organizational Psychology Ph.D. candidate.

Research interests: animal advocacy, promoting plant-based choices - possibly with AI, and alternative proteins.

Skills: SPSS, Jamovi, and R.

How others can help me

Collaborating in the field of the default effect, alternative proteins, and AI usage to promote plant-based choices.

How I can help others

Prompt engineering and consultation for researchers, individuals, and organizations on how to pick the most suitable AI for their needs.


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I run 3 Facebook pages but I still use now Stay Focused. Recommended!


I'm a Psychology graduate.

If you or anyone else from Effective Altruism is struggling, please contact me! ♥

I'm not a clinical psychologist (I'm currently a social psychology MA student) but I started up my studies because I love people and want to help them. So at least I can listen (on Skype / Whatsapp).

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpnCgs

I think it also depends on what you already have and how much you think you can improve.

From Social Psychology I know that personality rarely changes. Skills do.

So if you are an inrovert (which is by the way, the most stable characteristic), not agreeable, not consciouscious (meaning not hard working), not open to experience (uncurious) or neurotic, sadly there is a little to be done about it.

You can improve little "islands" in your personality, like setting clear goals as a leader (I guess), but a lot of soft skills are ranging between obvious to easier said than done.

Is the soft skill too easy for you? Is it too hard? I guess the best fit will be a challenging skill - a bit too hard for you to step out of your comfort zone, but not to be overwhelmed.