Peaceful greetings to readers. Given the current tensions in Israel, there perhaps has never been a more crucial time to prioritize plant-based nutrition. 🌿❤️🍅

The Abstinence Violation Effect, Fresh Start Effect, and the "What the Hell" Effect are all psychological phenomena pointing to the likelihood that an individual who breaks a healthy habit might be inclined to abandon restraint altogether.

This effect might also apply to plant-based nutrition. An individual who once violates their veganism might be inclined to completely abandon it, resulting in the consumption of non-vegan food, consequently affecting approximately 4,000 animals over the span of their life under factory farm conditions.

Though most of Israel's battlegrounds currently anticipate assistance, often exceeding 100% of the aid capacity, the domain of livestock and, specifically, this project has only achieved 34% of its objective. This positions the project as a solution that tackles not only a big-scale issue but also a neglected one, deeply entrenched within the domain of effective altruism.

For more initiatives such as restaurant delivery of plant-based meals to soldiers and distribution of the document.

For the article and chart detailing why to engage in livestock welfare.
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Hi Rakafet,

Welcome to the EA Forum!

I never knew the Abstinence Violation Effect had a name - I think that's something I'll have to add to my lexicon. :)

While reading through your post, I was having a bit of trouble understanding your arguments and, the evidence behind why you think this intervention is particularly important and neglected.

If I'm understanding correctly, your argument is:

More funding should be directed towards providing vegan food to soldiers, who experience difficulties maintaining a vegan diet. By providing this support, we could reduce the likelihood of soldiers falling victim to the Abstinence Violent Affect and abandoning their vegan diet altogether, which could affect ~4000 animals over the span of a given soldier's life.

Would you say that's accurate?