Hi everyone I am new here!!

I was wondering if this is the kind of place I can find people interested in funding our tech.

We finished the research and development state of our patented tech, now we need resources in order to finish our first commercial product.

Our disruptive tech can increase energy efficiency of any energy transformation system may it be in heavy transportation, heavy machinery, industrial machinery and in fuel based power generators or renewable power generators. This means our tech decreases fuel usage by HALF in those sectors and improves renewable energy sources.

We really need help, I have tried to reach out big companies, celebrities, foundations that are "fighting" climate change but no one will even answer.

I am reaching you guys so we can get the help we need in order to do our part as men of science and fight our own extinction.  




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Hi, you may be able to find funding here but I recommend posting a detailed grant application style post, explaining your project in detail.

Ok thanks! Then I will post the whole project to see if I can get help.