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We are working on improving AIsafety.com, a website that organizes AI safety resources for all audiences, presenting the full range of ways to support AI safety work in one place. 

We seek input on our Resources section. We have a set of 9 boxes with a title and a space for a short summary of what is in that section. Six of those are shown in the image below. 

We are looking for input on what should be in the summary part of each box.

  •  What would you want to get out of each section? 
  • What is the most basic information you need about what is provided in each area?

Input from people who aren't very familiar with AI is especially helpful. Here are the titles of all nine sections:

  • Courses
  • Communities
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Funders
  • Conceptual Map
  • Reading guide
  • Donation guide

All input is wecome! Thank you for your time!




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