As I'm taking on a book project on voting methods, I'm finding that I need volunteers for two tasks:

Accessing Academic Articles: If you have access to academic journals and databases, your help in obtaining some hard-to-find articles would be invaluable. These are articles I can't get through my library or Sci-hub. A student would be great here.

Analyzing Election Data: This involves calculating the Condorcet winner in a few elections and sorting ballot groupings so I can check the election for anomalies. This is a programming task that may involve data cleaning. There's likely code out there already to help make this easier. I'll also need to independently verify any computations.

I'll happily acknowledge volunteers in the book as a token of appreciation. This is a great chance to contribute to a project that aims to make voting theory more accessible and influence public understanding. I can also batch the work once a month to minimize volunteer time. So far, I only have two elections to analyze, but I'll probably find more.

Interested? Please reach out to me with a brief intro about yourself and your interest in the project.






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