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What is the funding situation for AI Safety?

by Linda Linsefors1 min read21st Mar 2020No comments



I am interviewing aspiring and early carer AIS researchers, to better understand how to support this group. I only just started so I'm not ready to share any specific conclusions yet. But some of these these problems could defiantly be solved by money.

So what is the funding situation for AIS? Are there donors who are looking for more funding opportunists?

What approximately is the bar for something to get funded?

(I know that Long Term Future Fund exists, and I have read the Fund Payout Reports. But is impossible to get a balanced view with out also knowing who get rejected and why, which is obviously not public information.)

If anyone want to discuss this with me privately, you can send me an email (linda.linsefors@gmail.com) or book a call on my calendly.

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