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AI Impacts blog

We moved our blog to Substack! We think this platform has many advantages, and we’re excited for the blog to live here. You can now easily subscribe to the blog to receive regular newsletters as well as various thoughts and observations related to AI.

AI Impacts wiki

All AI Impacts research pages now reside on the AI Impacts Wiki. The wiki aims to document what we know so far about decision-relevant questions about the future of AI. Our pages have always been wiki-like: updatable reference pages organized by topic. We hope that making it an actual wiki will make it clearer to everyone what's going on, as well as better to use for this purpose, for both us and readers. We are actively looking for ways to make the wiki even better, and you can help with this by sharing your thoughts in our feedback form or in the comments of this blog post!

New office

We recently moved to a new office that we are sharing with FAR AI and other partner organizations. We’re extremely grateful to the team at FAR for organizing this office space, as well as to the Lightcone team for hosting us over the last year and a half.

Katja Grace talks about forecasting AI risk at EA Global

At EA Global Bay Area 2023, Katja gave a talk titled Will AI end everything? A guide to guessing in which she outlined a way to roughly estimate the extent of AI risk.

AI Impacts in the Media

Research and writing highlights

AI Strategy

Resisted technological temptations: how much economic value has been forgone for safety and ethics in past technologies?

Public awareness and opinions about AI

  • The public supports regulating AI for safety” summarizes the results from a survey of the American public about AI. (Zach)
  • “How popular is ChatGPT?”: Part 1 looks at trends in AI-related search volume, and Part 2 refutes a widespread claim about the growth of ChatGPT. (Harlan and Rick)

The state of AI today: funding, hardware, and capabilities

Arguments for AI risk

Chaos theory and what it means for AI safety


  • How bad a future do ML researchers expect?” compares experts’ answers in 2016 and 2022 to the question “How positive or negative will the impacts of high-level machine intelligence on humanity be in the long run?” (Katja)
  • We don’t trade with ants” (crosspost) disputes the common claim that advanced AI systems won’t trade with humans for the same reason that humans don’t trade with ants. (Katja)


We're actively seeking financial support to continue our research and operations for the rest of the year. Previous funding allowed us to expand our research team and hold a summer internship program.

If you want to talk to us about why we should be funded or hear more details about what we would do with money, please write to Elizabeth, Rick, or Katja at [firstname]@aiimpacts.org.

If you'd like to donate to AI Impacts, you can do so here. (And we thank you!)





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I liked the "we don't trade with ants" post, but I think it misses an additional reason why we would be near useless for superhuman AGI even if we can communicate with them: We would be so slow as compared to them that in their terms we would take forever to understand and do what they would want from us, so that it would still be more efficient to just move us out of the way instead of telling us to move out of the way and then wait until we get it and do it in slo-mo.

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