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Putting this out here as a save the date for EAGxBerkeley! Sign up here to be notified when admission opens.

When: December 2nd, 2022 - December 4th, 2022

Where: Oakland Convention Center[1]

Who Should Come: students/those early in their careers, EAs with roughly 20-50 hours of engagement, people around the Bay/on the West Coast of the US, those interested in mentorship and supporting new(-er) EAs!

More information including admissions, speakers, and content to come in the following months. In particular, we will be playing around with some new conference formats and stewardship plans so if you have particular ideas and wishes, please fill out this form or reach out to me (Elika). I generally have a low-bar for people to reach out, especially if it's about stewardship and EA community building ideas :)

We're also looking for organising help for everything from pre/post event planning to merch design. If your interested, please fill out this form :) 

See you all in Berkeley!

-The organising team (Elika, Tzu, Mat) [2]

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    Yes, we're aware EAGxBerkeley is actually in Oakland.... due to venue issues that was our only option. Maybe someone can make a meme about it?

  2. ^

    it will actually be Oakland (sorry)




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Thanks, heads up your second link is broken

Hmm it works for me and for the other's that submitted. Can you try again? thanks!

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