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Wouldn't it be great if there was an app that allowed me to add people that I met at EA Global conferences, and if we end up in the same city again due to travel or work, it would send each of us a notification so we can meet and catch up?

– My thoughts a few months ago

A friend just told me about Small World, which does exactly this. As would be expected of a techy, coordinated, open-minded group, there's a lot of software popular in the EA community that facilitates better™ social connection, like Swapcard, Calendly,, and dating docs, and I propose we add Small World to the repertoire.

There is a "Community" tab here on the EA forum with a map of users, but I want to be able to add specific friends and receive notifications when they visit.




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This sounds cool but... It only works with Twitter?!

Yeah, it's not perfect... I'd like to be able to silently block people too, in case I no longer want to hang out with them. But hey, it's open source, maybe we can improve it.

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