After two enjoyable years with CEA, I’m looking to move on from my role, and I’d like to encourage applications for the post. We are taking applications on a rolling basis - so please apply here if you’re interested

The reason I’m leaving is to explore a different area, and probably do a masters course in computer science. I’ve enjoyed the role, and I think there’s a high potential for impact. 

This is a role that has included supporting fundraising rounds for EA organisations; presenting at board meetings with Will MacAskill, Toby Ord, Nick Beckstead, Hilary Greaves, Owen Cotton-Barratt, and others; helping inform strategy discussion atCEA; doing a bunch of problem-solving to resolve issues; and setting up financial systems to make things work smoothly in several organisations. 

Here’s a summary of the role, from the job description:

You will be responsible for overseeing financial planning and control for CEA. This will include liaising closely with CEA staff and trustees, and managing relationships with accountants, auditors, and legal advisors. You will also be responsible for building and maintaining systems to support CEA’s front-facing staff.

Your role will range from complicated long-term projects to oversight of the day-to-day tasks that keep CEA running.

The role spans the legal entity which includes CEA and other organisations within the legal umbrella: EA Funds, 80,000 Hours, Forethought, and projects for FHI and GPI. 

My background was four years of finance consulting. Skills that I found helpful were organisational skills, good communication, and thought-sharing skills, including epistemic modesty. There’s some technical finance, as you’re managing a balance sheet and meetings with auditors, but I think non-accountants can pick that stuff up as long as they’ve got an eye for detail and systems. I spend a lot of time in spreadsheets, making sure the numbers add up and working out clear ways to present financial information to non-financial audiences. 

CEA is open to applicants from a range of backgrounds: 

We would prefer previous experience in accounting or finance, but we are open to other backgrounds as well. Less experienced candidates must demonstrate excellent potential to learn quickly.

We are taking applications on a rolling basis - so please apply now if you’re interested. Our site lists a deadline for applications on March 31st 2021, but that’s due to how our website is currently configured. 

Please post any questions about the role in the comments below, or send me a message, and I'll do my best to reply! You can also send questions about applying in general to




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