The Centre for the Governance of AI at the Future of Humanity Institute will start hosting webinars, on the Governance and Economics of AI. Our first session on Wednesday, May 20th, 1700-1815 BST (0900-1015 PT, 1200-1315 ET), featuring Daron Acemoğlu, Diane Coyle, and Joseph Stiglitz in a discussion about COVID-19 and the economics of AI. Our second seminar features Carles Boix on his book Democratic Capitalism at the Crossroads, exploring tensions between capitalism and democracy caused by e.g. future developments in AI. Register and learn more about future events here.

The webinars are likely of interest to effective altruists considering in careers related to the governance and/or economics of AI – be it in research, policy, operations. We're hoping to feature the best work on AI governance and economics we can find, often drawing on researchers from outside the EA community.

Future sessions may come to feature topics such as:

  • Export controls on chip manufacturing equipment
  • China's AI policy
  • Forecasts on AI timelines
  • Ongoing AI industry self-governance efforts
  • AI's potential effects on democracy
  • AI & surveillance

If you have recommendations for who we should invite to speak, feel free to post it in the comments.




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