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Feel free to add others points of view so people can agree or disagree, or edit ones to make them clearer. 

Is there anything that surprises you. 

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Following up on some uncertain responses:

  • "EA grant makers should not sit on the boards of orgs they sign grants for"
    • I am told this is normal practice in non-EA funders. If you are supplying money you want some degree of control/oversight
  • "The FTX crisis affected external impressions of EA a lot"
    • What kind of things do people mean when they agree or aren't sure about this?
  • "I am frustrated at the recent treatment of personal giving as an EA cause area"
    • Would anyone like to talk about their feelings here?

Is there a way to see how many people have voted?

..and the full breakdown. Knowing 30 percent agree with me isn't that helpful, the other 70 percent could be mostly its complicated / skip, or could be disagree.

We don't have a great screen for showing who thinks what but here is a rough one.

Found a better way to display this info

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So from this, I might suggest some areas of interest/further discussion

  • How are people hurt/anxious
  • How do people feel about the recent treatment of global health/giving - can we build a narrative so we can understand themselves
  • Is funders sitting on boards okay?
  • What should our internal impression be, post FTX
  • Why aren't people confident in the taskforce for reform