Does an incy wincy spider 

Have an incy wincy brain,

With incy wincy feelings,

And incy wincy pain?

Do all the creepy crawlies

Climbing up the water spout

Count for nothing, or for everything?

What a crazy thing to doubt!


If I can't know for certain

What it's like to be a bat,

How can I hope to understand

The troubles of a gnat?

If, though I know, I think, I am,

I guess at what you are,

Then I must know my limits

Empathy can't go so far.


Some day we'll have the answers, 

Or at least we'll know much more,

And, in the meantime, muddle on.

We'll do our best, I'm sure.

We'll be wild geese, and better yet,

We'll grow in what we can.

But, in the mean time, barely know

Enough to help our fellow man.

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This is great. I was wondering whether EA art was posted on the forum. I'd like to see more of it.

Me too. Maybe I'll write some.