As a subforum organizer, you are responsible for helping the subforum thrive. This means you will:

  • Be available for people to reach out to about comments they are unsure about posting
  • Generally be an active participant in the subforum, chiming in on discussions and comment threads where you can help or have an opinion
  • Track the sub-tags of the top level topic that are used to build the subforum, and suggest any changes over time (e.g. new topics may become relevant to the top level topic and/or existing topics may become irrelevant)
  • (optional) Give the Forum team feedback on the subforum feature set
  • (optional) Leverage the following features [or similar features, depending on exactly what we build]:
    • A subforum digest or newsletter feature
    • Subforum-specific curated posts
    • Make suggestions for the wiki page for the subforum topic

You are NOT responsible for:

  • Regular moderation (e.g. removing trolls, spam, and toxic discussion) - you can flag this to the regular Forum moderators if we aren’t already aware of it
  • Reading and responding to every single post on the subforum

Other notes:

  • The Forum team will be actively following subforums, and may decide to create new subforums, shut down existing ones, or merge subforums depending on metrics and the evolution of topics related to EA
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