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I'm a product manager at CEA. Previously I spent 8 years as a software engineer and product manager in healthcare tech.


Re: value alignment, that's a great point, it looks like I fell victim to a bit of loss aversion! (I imagine I'm not alone)

Thanks for this great response.

Im really curious about your work to give donors the tools to choose between evaluators based on their values.

One big difference between investment funds and charitable funds is that lay people can at least evaluate funds on some basic metrics such as market returns versus a benchmark. Both for accountability and for the purpose of aligning charity fund/ evaluator chooses with values, some further tooling seems valuable.

Do you have any comments on the accountability piece?

Finally, I would add another downside of lotteries, which is that donors need to trust that most participants will have similar values to them, and the knowledge / skills to do research. This trust seems easier to grant to evaluators or funds.

Oh I really like this, and I've had some similar ideas. Will make a note of it!

Thanks for the feedback. The tradeoff I see is that it could be valuable for folks to be able to express a strong vs weak opinion. Perhaps what we need is to give a better breakdown of how the votes went?

Thanks Emrik, we do plan to reconsider how the frontpage should work in a few months!

Thank you for your take, I very much appreciate the tradeoffs of any direction we split things.

Interesting suggestion, I think this could be interesting. When you say "would probably be valuable", what do you see as the value? Gamification? Remembering the post better?

I think there are a variety of caveats (below), but ultimately I'd be interested in you trying this out on a number of posts to see how useful it is, and maybe writing a post about it.


  • Many posts won't have a clear right and wrong interpretation of issues, will a quiz give the wrong impression?
  • This AI tool doesn't take much additional input (as far as I can tell), and I'm curious whether it will pick out key points vs non-novel statements

Thanks for this suggestion, I do think an experiment with slightly more context on the front page would be really interesting, whether with subtitles or snippets of text. Will keep make a note of this!

Thanks for this suggestion, we actually have something like this on our list (though it's not super high). Some of the team suspects that more people are likely to use other tools to track all their links and research across sources.

Thanks for this suggestion. Do you suspect that this is a big deal and have any intuition as to why?

My intuition is that it's quite an interesting experiment, but seems unlikely to be a major influence on the Forum based on the fact that most posts with high karma are actually pretty decent.

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