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Announcing "Naming What We Can"!

Toby Ordering is really good.

How we promoted EA at a large tech company (v2.0)

Haha, thanks for the hat tip! Delighted with this outcome! Well done!

EA Updates for February 2020

Love reading these David - thanks.

Was particularly interested to read the Anthropocene article - cool to read conservationists taking EA approach seriously and seeing it as a way to unlock more funding.

How we promoted EA at a large tech company

This is awesome - thanks for writing up!

For people working in the UK and keen to do something like this, I'd love to chat:

We launched an employee giving tool ( which promotes recommended charities from GiveWell and Founders Pledge's research.

Effective Altruism London Strategy 2019

Do “software for good” have a online presence? Hadn’t heard of them and would be interested to read more. Thanks!

Conversation on forecasting with Vaniver and Ozzie Gooen

Is there a copy of the audio available? Sorry if I missed an obvious link!

Can/should we define quick tests of personal skill for priority areas?

Really cool idea. If this were possible would we expect to see big companies using similar tests to recruit undergraduates early before competitors do?

Does giving to charity make it more likely you‘ll be altruistic in future?

Super useful - thanks David. An interesting implication for EA fundraisers might be then to avoid quantifying achievements e.g. “you’ve just saved 10 lives with your donation”. Perhaps you’d want to say something like: “your commitment to helping others is fantastic”.

Introducing Charity Entrepreneurship: an Incubation and Research Program for New Charities

This seems high compared to the startup equivalent. For example, I know at Entrepreneur First they take on 100 people and they form about 20 companies - don’t know how many get seed funded but 50% seems too high.

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