I'm (Ben) Clifford. I work as a Product Manager for the Centre for Effective Altruism.

I first got involved in EA in 2011 when I started the GWWC chapter at the University of Warwick. Since I worked for GWWC, was a software developer, an early employee at Founders Pledge and started a workplace giving startup.

Feel free to get in touch about:

  • Product Management
  • Startup entrepreneurship
  • EA movement building

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Cool Offices ?

Kind of obvious list, but things that I’ve enjoyed about other offices I’ve worked at:

  1. Interesting/fun people. Good water cooler conversation can provide me a lot of energy.
  2. Ambitious/hard-working people. Lunch time conversations with people working on cool projects and seeing people work in the evenings can be inspiring.
  3. Natural light.
  4. Large kitchen/congregation area, separate to people trying to work for conversation.
Have you ever made a valuable connection with someone via the Forum?

Interesting, thanks! I'd be curious to ask about the connections you have made on slack etc. I'll message you.

When did the EA Forum get so good?!

Relatedly, this uptick is kind of wild to me.

Is there a good summary of EA's impact to date?

Good to see this question Garrison! I'm working on and planning to add a section like this to the website.

This is a decent existing page for this but very tricky to find:


Ben_West's Shortform

I think I agree with this. Two things that might make starting a startup a better learning opportunity than your alternative, in spite of it being a worse learning environment:

  1. You are undervalued by the job market (so you can get more opportunities to do cool things by starting your own thing)
  2. You work harder in your startup because you care about it more (so you get more productive hours of learning)
What psychological traits predict interest in effective altruism?

Cool - thanks for engaging in this! Excited to see what you do in future.

What psychological traits predict interest in effective altruism?

Thanks for the reply.

I agree no correlation would be surprising but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if it was less predictive than say ”openness to new ideas” or something.

I wonder if you could learn more by interviewing people who are just starting to get interested in EA and seeing how their responses change over say a year? Interviewing people who have just started an intro to EA fellowship/virtual program could work well for this.

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