Hi everyone. We are currently doing a project at the Cambridge Biosecurity Hub which aims to map the UK’s biosecurity space and we would love some help from the community! 

We plan to make a list of UK-based organisations working on any aspect of biosecurity, and then categorise them by their research areas and expertise. Our expected output is to create a pdf or website that makes this information easy to access so those working in the biosecurity space can easily build networks and collaborations. 

How you can help: we have attached a list of the organisations that have been recorded so far. If there is any organisation/centre missing, please spare a minute to fill out the short google form below to let us know, or write a comment on this forum post. We are excluding things such as individual labs or individual researchers, so please enter only organisations/centres/research organisations who are working on any topic within biosecurity. There also might be mistakes in the spreadsheet so feel free to also make other suggestions, but our next step is to more thoroughly check the info. 

It would be great if we could also get information on aspects such as the organisations’ size, their type of work, who they’re funded by etc, but if you just have time to tell us the name, that’s great as well!! Also, if you have any comments, thoughts or feedback on the project please feel free to comment on the post and let us know. Is there anything you would like to see as part of this project, or anything we should include? 

Current list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ligzt_sk4z1tin9EkRWeVQclRdmOgRwbbITOtLgYHLs/edit?usp=sharing


Thanks for your help!!

Jacob Mittoo and Rosaline Lee
Cambridge Biosecurity Hub




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