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Happy New Year!

As we enter 2023, I want  to spotlight a few resources from throughout the EA community for personal and professional planning, as well as some ways to get more connected with the EA community this year.



On January 2nd, EA Anywhere will be hosting a Yearly Review and Planning Session. This is a great opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments from the past year and set goals for the upcoming year. Resources and guidance will be provided to assist participants in creating a roadmap for success in 2023.


On January 5th, EA NYC will be hosting an Online New Year’s Workshop. Modeled after our session from previous years, this event will focus on setting and achieving new year’s resolutions and systems to help them actually stick. We will make our way through a series of guided exercises and discussions to hone in on our personal and professional goals for the year, with a focus on how each of us can have the greatest impact in the years to come. You can register to join here.


On January 22nd, EA NYC is also hosting a Career Planning Discussion, featuring 80,000 Hours advisor, Matt Reardon. This event is designed for a variety of different skill sets and career stages to help individuals looking to take the next step in their careers. Matt will give a brief overview of 80,000 Hours' four-step career planning process and then invite discussion on how it might apply to different situations.


I think these events will be really valuable for people looking to take immediate action towards achieving their goals in the new year. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or other organizers; and if you’re aware of any upcoming events I missed, please flag them in the comments!



I also wanted to share a few resources to help with independent (or not!) planning for the new year.


I hope these resources will be helpful as you plan and work towards achieving your ideal 2023.




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