I should have about $400 million left after exchange fees. (And, of course, market impact, which it would be ridiculous not to consider.) However, this estimate might be off since I do not have access to much of my data and the money is spread across multiple wallets some of which are poorly labelled.

I know many charities and EA groups are nervous about accepting crypto donations, especially after the unfortunate bank run on FTX. Still, I'm sure some will, especially since top EA leaders vouch for me. But which? I'm looking for places with a more longtermist mindset since I consider neartermist causes—global health and poverty—to be more emotionally driven.

The request is time sensitive as I need to spend this by October at the latest.

(PS. Please excuse any typos, I had less than 5 minutes to write and post this.)




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I know a Nigerian prince who could double your money

Who would ever fall for such quirky and personality-centric investment scheme as that?! Can you imagine the embarrassment, shame, and persecution that would follow? It would destroy lives. I would even say you deserve to lose all that money... and it's not even the Nigerian Princes fault.

Buy enough darkweb stimulants to move up a rank in League.

Way ahead of you, but 6 months of stimulants cost less than a catered dinner--only a few hundred thousand dollars. 

And League is impossible! It is so hard! How do people work hard to accomplish things the normal way?

Enough cheating at business, we must cheat at League next

Fund legal defense for crypto innovators. Crypto is the greatest engine for EA growth that has ever been conceived, maybe the greatest engine that could be conceived. Now the anti-EA cabal has convinced the US Government to target crypto as a way to take down EA. Make no mistake, if they succeed, the next front in their war against EA will be an assault on other major engines like social-media sites and project-management software.

Whether the cabal is funded by Big AI, Big Chicken, or Big Malaria is irrelevant. It must be stopped at all costs -- although you should try legal defense before advocating for conventional or especially nuclear bombings.

We can stop Big Chicken with Big Fox. Big Malaria can be prevented with Big Net.

This long post could’ve been a tweet. Bing summary: “Crypto donation for longtermist. 👍”

This comment could have been an answer.

First give me back half of my savings. We’ve received an investment through the regrantor program, so that’s actually a good answer in itself.

Sorry Sam, that money belongs to your customers.

Buy illicit nootropics for everyone in the community. They can't stop us all!

Okay, send me their addresses.

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Send to my PayPal plz

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