Hi all,

I created this survey to figure out how to improve my YouTube channel A Happier World, inspired by the Effective Altruism movement. You do not need any background information about YouTube or my channel whatsoever, and you can fill in as many or as few questions as you want. In fact, I would really love to get responses from EAs who haven't heard of the channel or who have but haven't watched any videos!

If you plan on filling it out only partly, it would be great if you spread it out so that I don't end up with lots of data on the first page and almost nothing on the second. If you plan on filling it out completely, I expect it to take ~30 minutes if you haven't seen my videos and ~10 minutes if you have.

The main goal of the survey is to identify any pain points my YouTube channel might suffer from, and to see if I can resolve them in order to grow faster and have a bigger impact.

Thank you so much in advance!




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