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My name is pronounced somewhat like 'yuh-roon'.



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I'd personally much rather have agree/disagree on posts than these reactions, if we had to pick. I'm not sure if these reactions add any useful information. But I'm happy to see you're trying to make it simpler than at LessWrong. Curious to hear what the other reasons are for no agree/disagree on posts. I frequently upvote posts I disagree with and would like to express that disagreement without writing a comment. Maybe agree/disagrees can be optionally set by the authors of the post?

Very much agree. I use upvotes/downvotes to indicate what I would like to see more/less of on the forum. Making that clearer in the pop-up would be great!

This is exactly why I mostly give to animal charities. I do think there's higher uncertainty of impact with animal charities compared to global health charities so I still give a bit to AMF. So roughly 80% animal charities, 20% global health.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I'd personally love to read the appendix. I struggle hard with understanding the feelings and sensations in my body, but I feel quite confident that my main cause of fatigue is stress or anxiety. Mostly because relaxation techniques (breathing exercises, chamomile tea,...) seem to increase my energy levels.

Also with big tasks breaking them down really helps :)

I would suggest keeping the recommended posts optional. I like them a lot, but I worry they might keep me on the forum too long. They can definitely be on by default.

This isn't about the main question you raise in this post, but I'm curious why you think biorisk reduction would increase expected future suffering.

Yeah I think this is a really important part of the discussion. We won't get a world filled with vegan cats unless owners don't have to worry about constantly checking pH levels.

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