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My name is pronounced somewhat like 'yuh-roon'.



Wasn't it just called GiveWell labs before 2017?

Love seeing this, thanks for sharing!

Cool spreadsheet! Yeah a tool similar to the square one but in a horizontal line instead seems more useful.

I like these ideas, I would especially love to see a global AGI safety conference!

If I understand correctly the grant would've been for Nya Dagbladet's foundation, not the publication itself.

Still, unlike others I'm not completely reassured yet. I would also like to know why the grant was considered in the first place and I don't think the FAQ clearly answers that.

I really don't think the libertarian "if you don't like it, go somewhere else" works here as the EA forum is pretty much the place where EA discussions are held. Sure, they happen on twitter and reddit too but you have to admit it's not the same. Most discussions start here and are then picked up there.

I agree with your other arguments, I don't want the culture of the site to drift too quickly because of a large influx of new folks. But why wouldn't a cut off be sufficient for that? I don't see why the power has to keep on increasing after, say, a 200 karma. Because at that point value lock-in might become an issue. Reminds me a bit of the average age of US senators being 64 years old. Not too dismiss the wisdom of experienced people, but insights from new folks is important too.

Why do people think vote weight should keep on increasing after a certain amount of karma? I'm curious!

New users' strong vote equals two votes, and the moment you get a 100 karma it equals 5 votes. But after that it doesn't keep increasing.

(Agree vote this even if you don't agree with the specific numbers but just the general gist of it.)

I find it very concerning/dissapointing that this post has so many downvotes. Like the authors said, don't use upvotes/downvotes to indicate agreement/disagreement!

I strongly upvoted this post because I think it's very valuable and I highly appreciate the months of effort put into it. Thanks for writing it! I don't know whether I agree or not on most proposals, but I think they're interesting nonetheless.

Personally I'm most skeptical of some of the democratization proposals. Like how would you decide who can vote? And I think it would drastically slow down grant making etc., making us less effective. Others have already better worded these concerns elsewhere.

In general I would love to see most of these ideas being tried out. Either incrementally so we can easily revert back, or as small experiments. Even with ideas I'm only say 30% sure they will work. If the ideas fail, then at least we'll have that information.

I very much agree that we should rely more on other experts and try to reinvent the wheel less.
I had indeed never heard of the fields you mentioned before, which is sad.

I didn't know your votes on the forum had more power the more karma you had! I'm really surprised. I was already wondering whether my strong votes had increased recently. I'm not sure I agree strong votes should be removed, I do think they're really useful in expressing how much I appreciate a certain post. But the fact that your strong votes keep becoming more powerful the more karma you have is weird. I do think it makes sense to give more longtime/experienced EA's more voting power to make sure the forum doesn't become low-quality. But perhaps it can simply be that new users' strong vote equals two votes, and the moment you get say 50-100 karma it equals 4-5 votes. But after that it doesn't keep increasing. 

I'm wondering how true the 'heretics/critics don't get funding' is. Personally I aim to be honest/vocal about concerns I have, but since I don't have highly valuable skills (according to the economic market) perhaps I should be more careful? I don't want to and don't feel like I should be more careful! And I hope I can trust EA leaders when they say they want more diversity of thought.

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