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EA-aligned video content creators

I made a spreadsheet of all EA-aligned video content creators that I'm aware of. This doesn't mean they make EA content necessarily, just that they share EA values. If I've missed anyone, let me know!


This was a really cool thing to do!

In case you feel like adding another feature, it might be nice to include an example or two of each channel's EA-related content in another column. It's easy to tell how Rational Animations is EA-focused, but I wasn't sure which content I should look at for e.g. the person whose TikTok account was largely focused on juggling.

Like I said, they don't necessarily make EA content. I think I'll add a column specifying whether they do or not.

Responding as per Samuel Shadrach's suggestion:

Neil Halloran seems like a good addition. 

He doesn't seem to be an EA, yet he's rigorously writing on some EA aligned topics.


See here: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/matte7zzExKaZiTNo/charles-he-s-shortform?commentId=WPnGpLGr88afdsjyc