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Do you have an idea for a project, or run an existing project, startup, or organization that could one day have a big positive impact on the future of the world? Apply now to our brand new Clearer Thinking Regrants program!

We plan to award grants to around 20 selected altruistic projects (depending on the quality and relevance of submissions we receive).

Grants will be a minimum of $10,000 per project, up to a conceivable maximum of $500,000. These projects don’t have to relate to Clearer Thinking’s mission, they just have to be aimed at improving the future!

We have designed the first round of the application to be completed in a single sitting of just 20 minutes. 

If you know of any projects, non-profits, or startups that aim to improve the future of the world, regardless of which stage they’re in, please share the application form with them. 

We want to hear about as many great projects as we can! Applications are now open! Apply by 11:59pm Eastern Time July 22nd, 2022.

Apply now for funding (it only takes 20 minutes!)

More info:

You can apply as an individual, on behalf of a team, on behalf of a not-for-profit organization, or on behalf of a for-profit startup. In order for us to consider regranting funding to you, the only absolute requirements are that your project has to...

  • Be an altruistic effort aiming to substantially improve the future of the world, and
  • Be unlikely to have a risk of substantially harming the world.

We are unlikely to fund your project if...

  • It is designed to be local or small in scope, or
  • There is not a sufficiently plausible mechanism by which your project might one day greatly benefit the future of humanity.

If the above applies to your idea or project, we encourage you to apply now

As inspiration, here are some project areas that we'd be excited to give grants in (but we're potentially interested in ideas that are totally unlike these as well):

  • Projects for preventing future pandemics or reducing the chance of bioterrorism
  • Projects that aim to reduce risks and dangers from or raise awareness about advancing A.I. technology
  • Projects that could plausibly have a large positive impact on climate change
  • Projects aimed at reducing the chance of civilization collapse or improving humanity's ability to recover from collapses
  • Other projects that could help guide humanity or move the world toward a better future!
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I think it's worth spending 5 person hours considering if some grant proposal outcomes could be forecasted and then that information used to decide to award the money.

This seems like a process EA should try and could be tried here.

Update: deadline extended to July 22nd!

Hello, I have already submitted but I haven't been able to fully express my project's potentials. Is there a way I can send a pdf to attach to my submission and it is a pdf that I would love to get valued and be shared with the world and anyone who wants to hear about longtermism project.

Thanks Ankush! For this first round, we keep things intentionally short, but if your project progresses to later rounds then there will be plenty of opportunities to share more details.

it is a pdf that I would love to get valued and be shared with the world and anyone who wants to hear about longtermism project

Posting your ideas here on the EA Forum could be a great way to get feedback from other people interested in longtermism!

Is the submission system working? I clicked "submit," but then saw a blank page: 



I also asked for my submission to be emailed to me, but it wasn't. 


Thanks Stuart, I'll DM you to work out the details here!

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