The EA Meta Fund distributes grants quarterly, with the next distribution coming in mid February. From now on, we are rolling applications for grants from the wider community. If you, either as an organization or individual, are interested in applying for a grant, you can do so using this form.

If you want your application to be considered for the February distribution, please submit the form by the 20th of January, midnight GMT. If you submit an application after this deadline, it will still be considered for future distribution rounds, but not the February distribution.

The EA Meta Fund aims to write grants to groups that drive more high-quality talent, information and capital towards tackling the world’s biggest problems.

If you want more information about what that looks like in practice and what kind of projects we would consider funding, you can review our last round of grants. We made grants to

80,000 Hours, Founders Pledge, Centre for Effective Altruism, Global Priorities Institute, Charity Entrepreneurship, Raising for Effective Giving (REG), Let's Fund, Berkeley Rationality and Effective Altruism Community Hub (REACH).

You can review our reasoning here.

You can also view what kind of projects the fund managers have historically supported at the bottom of this page as well as check out our AMA for more information about our process for funding decisions.

Some other examples of projects we might be interested in funding:

  • A project building and supporting profession-specific networks in EA
  • Initiatives to target specific community problems
  • Research projects related to cause prioritisation
  • A project experimenting with novel fundraising strategies or target groups

Note that this list is just meant to give some examples and is not exhaustive.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit them in the comment section.




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