Probably Good recently published a page for impact-focused job boards on our site! 

We created it to help people who are searching for potentially impactful opportunities in a range of cause areas and regions. It includes a variety of for-good job boards (e.g. international non-profit jobs, civil service positions, tech-focused roles), region-specific boards, and a few boards specifically geared towards climate change, animal advocacy, global health. We also spotlight the 80,000 Hours job board, which is the most EA-aligned resource we include.

This page is intended to be a good jumping off point for people to start looking for jobs that could help others. So while we believe the boards listed can be a good place to look for opportunities, we don’t endorse every job on every board. We encourage our readers to carefully analyze the opportunities that interest them, use tools (such as our career guide chapters on this topic) to assess their potential impact, and consider both the direct impact and the career capital that different opportunities can provide. We’re also happy to chat 1-on-1 about specific opportunities and impactful options in a career advising call.

This page is still a work-in-progress and we’d love to keep expanding it to accommodate different interests and priorities. If you have suggestions for job boards we should include, please let us know here or email directly at

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Flagging EA Opportunity Board to make sure it's on your radar. It's focused mostly on more junior, non-permanent positions and pretty EA focused.

Cool, thanks! My bookmarks include AAC and 80k, which you have on there, as well as Tom Wein and EA Opportunity Board mentioned by other commenters. I also have: 

Edit: And to tree out even more in the vegan space, GFI's alt protein career portal includes links to the Tälist, Alt Protein Careers, and Blue Horizon job boards.

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