Here’s the first edition (on slowdown) of Navigating AI Risks, a newsletter on AI governance that we're launching with some colleagues.

This newsletter is mostly aimed at policymakers but I expect that it might interest some of you to keep up with the ideas that are around in AI governance. 

Here's a bullet point summary of it

  • Open letter, signed by Y. Bengio & S. Russell. Focused on the largest language models, no effects on most AI systems. 
  • Rationale: 
    • Avoid a race to the bottom
    • Let time for society to adapt (regarding white collar jobs vs incredible speed of AI development)
    • Develop basic laws and guardrails 
    • Some experts worry about existential risks from AI
    • Foreseeable misuse of AI (disinformation, large-scale hacking)
  • Proposals:
    • 6 month training pause
    • Shut down
    • Conditional slowdown, i.e. slowdown as long as there are safety failures and high risks for society. 
  • Difficulties:
    • Coordination is hard
    • China could benefit from it.




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Thanks Simeon! This looks helpful, I will sign up and share it with some people.

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