I’m hiring for a project manager for Epidemic Forecasting, an independent project spun off from the Future of Humanity Institute that provides forecasting information to governments and other decision-makers during the covid pandemic.

I’m doing this exceedingly quickly, the hire must be confirmed by June 5th and we need to talk by June 1st. You need to have good judgement, the ability to work fast and hard leading a team, and references from people I trust. You need to be able to commit to 3 months of full-time paid work, and there’s the potential to scale up afterwards to a full-time organisation if you find traction.

Private message me on LessWrong to talk more.

All further information about what the project is, why it’s a good idea, what skills you need, and more, are in the LessWrong post.




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I'm also posting a bounty for suggesting good candidates: $1000 for successful leads on a new project manager; $100 for leads on a top 5 candidate


I will pay you $1000 if you:

  • Send us the name of a person…
  • …who we did not already have on our list…
  • …who we contacted because of your recommendation...
  • ...who ends up taking on the role

I will pay you $100 if the person ends up among the top 5 candidates (by our evaluation), but does not take the role (given the other above constraints).

There’s no requirement for you to submit more than just a name. Though, of course, providing intros, references, and so forth, would make it more likely that we could actually evaluate the candidate.

NO bounty will be awarded if you...

  • Mention the person who actually gets hired, but I never see your message
  • Mention a person who does not get hired/become a top 5 candidate
  • Nominate yourself and get hired
  • If multiple people nominate the same person, bounty goes to the first person whose nomination we actually read and act on

Remaining details will be at our discretion. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

You can private message me here.

I'm one of the forecasters/generalists on this project. Feel free to PM me or AMA here.