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We’re featuring some opportunities and job listings at the top of this post. Some have (very) pressing deadlines. 

Opportunities and jobs


Consider also checking opportunities listed on the EA Opportunities Board

  • EA Global: Boston (27-29 October) applications remain open. The conference is for people who have a solid understanding of effective altruism, and who are taking significant actions on the basis of key ideas in the movement. Apply by 13 October.
  • EAGxPhilippines (20 - 22 October) is for people in South East and East Asia. Tickets are $0-100. Apply by 30 September.
  • Apply to Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Programs. Apply by Sep 30th.

Job listings

​​Consider also exploring jobs listed on “Job listing (open).”

80,000 Hours

  • Advisor (London, UK, £55K-£85K, apply by 8 October)
  • Headhunting Lead (London, UK, £55K-£8K, apply by 8 October)
  • Systems Analyst (London, UK (preferred) / remote, £50K-£70K, apply by 8 October)


Charity Entrepreneurship

Effective Ventures (UK/US)


Impact Academy

Giving Green

Open Philanthropy

Rethink Priorities

Organization Updates

80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours re-launched the career guide

If you know anyone who might be thinking about high-impact careers, go here to have 80,000 Hours send them a copy (ebook or paperback) for free. Or if you just want to send the pdf directly, it’s here.

Also, on The 80,000 Hours Podcast

80,000 Hours also released an article on US policy master’s degrees.

Animal Advocacy Careers

Animal Advocacy Careers has released their 2022 year in review. Their impact unfolds over time as individuals transition into new roles months after engaging with AAC’s services thus assessing 2022’s impact now.

They also published a new article: You can also help animals by earning (more) in other career paths and donating.

Anima International

  • Anima International published a major investigation into a laying hen farm owned by the largest egg producer in the European Union. A petition urging the producer to phase out cages by 2027 has been issued. The investigation will also feed the current work on EU animal welfare revision.
  • Following years of work, the largest retailer in Denmark announces the next steps in their phase-out of fast-growing broilers. In 2025, all broilers in the “fresh category” will be slower growing, and in 2026 the majority of the frozen section will also be slower growing.

Animal Charity Evaluators

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) has announced the charities they’re evaluating in 2023.

In January, thanks to the generous donor support of Animal Charity Evaluators' (ACE) Recommended Charity Fund, ACE was able to award $1,047,400 to their 2022 Top and Standout Charities. Read their update here.

Centre for Effective Altruism

CEA published a progress report on its search for a new CEO and an explanation of how much EA Global conferences cost and why.

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER)

CSER announces the publication of The Era of Global Risk: An Introduction to Existential Risk Studies, a series of essays that explore different aspects of global risk. Bringing together experts from many disciplines working at or collaborating with CSER, it provides a comprehensive survey of what we know about this risk, how we can understand it better, and, most importantly, what can be done to manage it effectively.

CSER has recently put online a public lecture delivered by Benoît Pelopidas - Scoping Nuclear Weapons Choices in an Age of Existential Threats. He explains why nuclear threats have so far been underrated by experts and practitioners.

Charity Entrepreneurship

Applications are still open to Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program. The charities you can find through the February 5 - March 31, 2024 Incubation Program are:

  1. Childhood vaccination reminders
  2. Mass media to prevent violence against women
  3. Influencing EU fish welfare policy through strategic work in Greece
  4. Influencing key stakeholders of the emerging insect industry
  5. Fundraising for animal advocacy
  6. Structured Pedagogy

If interested, you can read more about them here. Apply to the program here. Applications will be open until September 30, and final results (acceptance letters) will be sent in December 2023.


Faunalytics analyzed transcripts from interviews with jurors of the Smithfield Foods criminal trial—in which two animal rights activists were found not guilty of “stealing” two piglets from a factory farm in Utah. This qualitative analysis will help advocates understand why jurors sided with the defense, how to potentially apply these findings to future trials, and what forms of animal activism are most convincing.

The organization has published a blog exploring the present and future of cultivated meat and also updated their Research Library with articles on topics including shaping attitudes toward aquaculture and using agricultural subsidy reforms to help animals

Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge published researcher Rosie Bettle’s work on replicability and generalizability adjustments, which FP uses internally to improve efficiency and reduce the role of subjective judgments in cost-effectiveness analyses. FP’s climate team is also still seeking ideas for things to fund.

Giving Green

Giving Green has been selected as a Phase I winner of UChicago's Market Shaping Accelerator. From 186 submissions, 39 winning entries were selected, including two of Giving Green’s proposals—incentivizing the development of green steel and green aluminum.

Giving Green’s director Dan Stein spoke to Patent Drop about the roles of carbon capture and demand shaping in cutting emissions from data centers.

Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can published the second Longtermism Fund grants report

They also published new pages on common concerns and misconceptions about donating to charity and effective altruism and charity evaluation.

Grace, their Head of Marketing, delivered the “most engaging” talk at EAGxNYC in August with her talk “The future of effective altruism relies on effective giving”.

Happier Lives Institute

Happier Lives Institute (HLI) has published its third research agenda, guiding us through the end of 2024.

Our research analyst, Joel McGuire, spoke at EAGx New York City about how cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs), even of interventions that you’d expect would be firmly based on hard evidence, still involve a lot of guesswork to fill in the gaps - and what we could do about this.

Lara Watson has joined HLI as our Communications Manager, focusing primarily on digital marketing and research communication.

The Humane League

The Humane League (THL) continues to fight back against the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act—which threatens laws against some of the worst animal cruelty in existence. After THL urged supporters to contact their lawmakers, 174 Representatives, and 30 Senators signed letters of opposition to the bill. You can see the full letters—and who signed them—here: House and Senate.

The Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition of animal protection organizations working to end the abuse of chickens raised for food, has released the Africa Ranking Report, a new report that outlines which companies are leading the way—and which are falling behind—on their animal welfare commitments all across the continent.

José Jaime Villalobos co-authored a whitepaper titled “International Governance of Civilian AI: A Jurisdictional Certification Approach” in collaboration with researchers at the Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative, the Centre for the Governance of AI, and others.

Matthijs Maas’s paper “The Technology Triad: Disruptive AI, Regulatory Gaps and Value Change,” co-authored with Jeroen Hopster, was published in AI Ethics. Matthijs also co-authored a chapter titled “Military Artificial Intelligence as a Contributor to Global Catastrophic Risk” for the book “The Era of Global Risk: An Introduction to Existential Risk Studies”.

LPP invited six fellows to participate in their Summer Research Fellowship in Law & AI 2023.

One for the World 

One for the World welcomed two new members to their staff team this summer: Savita Deo, Organizing Manager, and Gabrielle Tran, Organizing Manager. Both Savita and Gabrielle are jumping right into working alongside our volunteer Chapter Leaders all over the world to build an effective giving movement. 

One for the World hosted their annual Chapter Leaders Meeting this August in Philadelphia. Volunteer Chapter Leaders joined One for the World staff for an entire weekend of training, community building, and mentoring sessions. 

Open Philanthropy

Open Philanthropy’s early-career funding program is now the career development funding program; its scope has been broadened to explicitly include people later in their careers. The program provides support – in the form of funding for graduate study, unpaid internships, self-study, career transition and exploration periods, and other activities relevant to building career capital – for individuals pursuing careers that could help to reduce global catastrophic risks or otherwise improve the long-term future.

Amanda Hungerford, a program officer on Open Philanthropy’s Farm Animal Welfare team, appeared on the podcast How I Learned To Love Shrimp.

Rethink Priorities (RP)

There’s not enough room here for all of Rethink Priority’s research. See their research page for a complete list. Not included below is any research already posted to the Forum, which leaves the following:





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