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My new organisation, the Epicentre for Effective Altruism is launching it's first project - half price impact certificates. 

We're selling certificates of £20 worth of my impact. However, whilst the project is still in the beta state, we are selling these at half price, effectively making you £10 richer at no cost. 

You can buy your impact certificates here. 



How large is the impact certificate? 

You will not actually receive the physical impact certificate. The impact certificate is in the form of an NFT token which is stored securely on a ledger in my bedroom. NFT means 'non-fungible' which ensures that you're impact is truly counterfactual. 

What if the impact bubble bursts? 

The supply of high impact certificates will increase over time, however, the certificates are a form of stable currency, as they are pegged to the British pound, and so the impact isn't subject to volatility. 


What if I only want a specific kind of impact, like ai safety?

For an additional £2 charge, you can choose specific kinds of impact depending on your values and cause prioritisation. For example:

  • You could buy a certificate of impact for animals in particular, or for AI safety.
  • You could buy a cerfiticate of impact for my actual impact, or for my expected impact where I did high EV things that weren't actually that useful but were still high EV.
  • You could buy a certificate for indirect capacity building impact such as building my career capital, or times I've taken a holiday (in order to be able to work more later)


Is there a maximum number of certificates you will sell? Surely you will run out of impact to sell at some point? 

No. Each impact certificate is worth £20 of impact, but sold for only £10, thus providing £10 of additional impact value per certificate sold. This means that the more certificates I sell, the more impact value I create, and so the more impact value I can sell again in the form of impact certificates. 


What forms of payment do you accept? 

We do not accept American Express or impact certificates as payment. 


You can buy your impact certificates here. 




Note: This post represents my own views, as well as the views of  my past, present, future and possible employers. 




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